Covid-19 Policy


At Makuzi Beach Lodge we understand the importance of taking precautions by ensuring the health and safety of our guests and staff. With the ongoing virus we have created a response plan with preventative measures that consider all working sites, communal areas, chalets and potential sources of exposure.


Protecting  our customers and staff against Covid-19

We have implemented the following at Makuzi Beach Lodge

  1. Made hand sanitization stations available

  2. Clean and sanitize surfaces regularly

  3. Placed dining tables further apart for social distancing

  4. Briefed our staff on Covid-19 policies

  5. Our staff will wear masks in close proximity to guests

We ask our customers at Makuzi Beach Lodge to

  1. Wear masks when in close proximity to other people

  2. Use hand sanitizer often

  3. Inform us immediately if you are not feeling well

  4. Remember to maintain social distancing at all times


If any guest or staff have any form of illness they will be supported to isolate from others. If the illness has signs of Covid-19, staff will follow government protocols and contact 54747 for guidance.

Due to Covid-19 we are taking booking only and NO day visitors

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