Makuzi Beach Lodge has decided to close it's doors as a lodge and is re-opening as a self-catering retreat offering short and long term rentals for people looking for a location that offers complete privacy and a perfect place for social distancing. Makuzi Beach is situated on the northern lake shore of Malawi in its very own cove with a beautiful established garden and abundant bird and butterfly life.

Makuzi is a family owned business that we began in 1992. We built our lodge to be eco-friendly and used local materials and expertise to build our paradise. Over the years, we have established incredible gardens full of exotic fruits, spices, and plants, plus our vegetable and herb gardens.

 With the recent events of Covid-19, we have had time to reflect on our lifestyle and have chosen to close our doors as a lodge. However, we would like to continue to share our paradise with like-minded people looking for a place to be at one with nature. Makuzi Beach is a place to recharge the soul, a time to reconnect with oneself or loved ones. We are a haven for people who enjoy privacy and space; a perfect place for those who work from home,  artists, writers, or family and friends looking for a few days in paradise. We welcome groups for retreats and have a  beautifully located yoga room.

We will spend more of our time growing and producing our own vegetables, herbs, spices, and exotic fruits for sale.

We work hand in hand with our local community and welcome anyone who would like to spend sometime volunteering  in teaching, playing sports, assisting in planting trees (a big part of the Makuzi nursery), or any  services you may have to offer.

So, if Makuzi Beach sounds like the right place for you, please contact us directly.


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