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Our Journey

Once upon a time in 1993, our family had a dream to build a beautiful lodge on the north-west shore of Lake Malawi; and over the years, with alot of sweat, tears and love... we did just that!

Using local materials and expertise we created our eco-friendly paradise... and a couple of children!


Together, we have established an abundance garden, full of exotic fruits and spices, vegetables and herbs, which enable us to be sustainable, and add amazing flavors to our exciting dishes. 

Our ecology of indigenous and exotic, works in harmony with nature, attracting birds and butterflies; and bees, making our own honey.


As Makuzi is situated in a secluded private cove, our guests are able to experience complete privacy to swim in our crystal clear waters and relax upon our pristine beach.

It is a place that touches the soul, and rejuvenates. A place that time allows for reconnections with oneself and loved ones. A sanctuary. 

We are passionate about our environment.

Beyond our gardens we work closely with our local community to empower and enrich their lives, sharing our love of plants and trees, and knowledge; and welcome anyone who would like to volunteer.

We invite you to come and share our paradise.

Makuzi Beach lodge sunrise.JPG
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