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In the addition to the temptation of lazing around, tanning and swimming, we offer numerous activities.

In the bar are several board games, cards and books in the event that the weather is overcast.

We offer snorkeling gear and kayaks free of charge to guests staying in the lodge.

Fishing rods and hooks are available for hire.

Bird watching is fantastic around the lodge all year and even non birders enjoy the abundant birdlife.

Makuzi Hill is a lovely walk and gives you a fantastic panoramic view of the coastline.

Makuzi has always been involved in the community and will continue with its projects. If anyone wishing to be involved in any way, teaching at the local school, donating school goods, helping at a feeding program, or planting a few trees, please let us know.


Makuzi likes to involve the surrounding villages, so these activities are provided by the community and paid directly to the community.

Boat hire to Mpandi Kucha Island for snorkeling, fishing, and to see the Fish Eagles. 8 people max 

US $65 boat for max 2 hours

Village walk takes you to the Church (David Livingstone’s 2nd site), the mission graves, in the village, and the community Chikumbuso Museum.

US $15 per person


Rift Lake Spice Co. is our new venture. We are located on Makuzi beach property and grow fruit and spices naturally. We are reforesting land with fruit and spice trees and aim to support local biodiversity by working in harmony with nature. 

We offer Rift Lake Spice Co. tours for $5 per person. 

We also offer cooking weekends or classes. 

Please go to Rift Lake Spice Co. for more information. 

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