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Mphandi Kuche Bar has a stunning, elevated view across the lake and across to Mphandi Kuche Island which translates to “Place of the Morning Star”.

This is the perfect place to enjoy the spectacular sunrises, sip away on a sun downer or enjoy star gazing in the evening.


Our restaurant is of supreme importance to us, and to any who consider good food a priority.

The kitchen benefits from a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices grown in Rift Lake Spice Co. gardens (on the Makuzi property) and sourced locally.

Our fruits and vegetables are dictated by the seasons and we can cater to any dietary needs.

We have a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner catering for all tastes.


All of our food is locally sourced and we also grow fruit and spices at Rift Lake Spice Co. located on the Makuzi property. 

We offer cooking classes too, so you can be part of your food's journey!

Come visit our natural spice and fruit garden during your stay to see where your food is grown!

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